Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sub Prime - Prime - Jaded

I might not want to take the passage of time nor time very  seriously. The clock and the calender is surely real, so is my gut and my heart.   I would rather swallow time and function with my mind rather than to follow time and function mindlessly.  If have goofed up on deadlines, after reading my post, you might look at me with more compassion.  If you thought I was shirking work or if you thought I  preferred lazing around  & constantly fantasized  on new ideas and making it a flavor of the day, think again.

If something is heartless and mindless to me it becomes absolutely useless.  I thought I was just a normal passionate type.  Circumstances have a strange way of shaking you up by screaming out loudly in the grand parade – ‘ hey you!!!! were are you clothes? ‘

Three of us decided to cuddle together, put our minds  and our sinews at work to build on something terribly huge.  The stallions with single horn called  Big dreams  & Colorful visions,  stood  neighing at the stable.  We just had to build the wagon, a simple bleedy wagon… then hitching the stars would have been a picnic of sorts.   Committed work and some deft hands were needed to build the wagon.  The hardwood, wooden slats, wagon handle, wheels and woodworking tools lay on the ground.  All three had to tango to build the wagon

To engage with ones who buzz in the prime of life is fun.  Over the past ten days my interaction has been with one such person with loads of energy.   I was facing this crisis of hobnobbing with the jaded, ready to be sucked into the black hole, mind it its no fun being an egg man.

As a little kid, during pongal season we had this lovely exhibition time in Nehru stadium.  As kids we looked forward to these days.  My neighbour took the initiative, rounded up all the kids in his joint family and I was a special invitee.  So off we all went laughing and singing to the fair.  The fair had a awful  lot of stuff for kids,  pink cotton candies, giant wheels and I will never forget the time when I bought my first kaleidoscope on day.  Recall spending hours looking through the  tube of mirrors with loose beads and pebbles  or other small coloured objects, making some psychedelic patterns.  That was the sub prime of my life.  And as I was stepping into my prime of my age, I tripped on the patterns the world and space  presented,  my kaleidoscopes were different.  Mostly they came in small paper wrapped bundles reminding me of my commitment to a greener world :) .

I spent long hours into the night with my kaleidoscopic friend.  My gut and my heart seemed to have started throbbing again.  I felt I had stung a thread connecting the spikes in my life and was swinging around like the lord of the jungle with Jane in tow.   My friends even thought my sleepless countenance actually presented a fresh botoxed look.

So I decided to build the wagon on my own.  Why not?

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