Monday, September 18, 2006

Are you in the assembly line?

I have wondered at this teaching of man evolving into a product acceptable to God. Somehow one gets a feeling that every event – especially the difficult ones – is a test and that we need to make it to come out victorious. This is the stuff I was fed with since childhood. I failed in it long ago and jumped out the assembly line.

Is God like man that he must choose only the qualified? What can God got to do with a man who is blameless and pure but often times useless? Even if man was good, sinless with high performance levels what can God do with even millions of them? He is awesome and powerful; man need not come into his scheme at all. On His own God can do a fine job After all he is God.

Then I realized that He is God not only because he is powerful enough to create everything out of nothing but he is also able to see me as a finished product, though I might not seem that way to the others. He sees me as righteous so I am righteous. Surely this miracle of muck becoming precious cannot be done through the assembly line a miracle needs to happen. That miracle was achieved when God overturned the entire system of sin by the miracle of making the sinless sinful.

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