Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fusing DM in Mass Media

I had this rare opportunity to work out a parthian shot to a client who decided to sack us to take up another agency. Its usually a dinner or a gift. I decided to give the client something memorable. An advertising idea. I wish I had given this when I had the account, I probably would have retained it. Anyways, the client bit into the idea, and it worked wonders that the incumbent agency inspite of signing up saw their campaign being grounded. This simple idea delivered the goods with out fanfare.

And I was trying to sell the same idea to Ms Saroja Kannan of Ogilvy1 for the launch of Hutch in Chennai, I could see the sales pitch falling flat, on my way out, I really did not know what I blurted but whatever I said caught the attention of Saroja. Who modified it gave it a tweak and then the Bronze in Cannes happened. A great day for me.

I wish I have the picture -- will put it up soon

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