Friday, December 15, 2006

Three Wealth creators in their Private Jets

One from the New York, the other from Mumbai and one from Hong Kong through their privately owned satellites get wind of a small project being started out in a small time cowshed in a remote village in Myanmar. They hop on to their private jets head for Myanmar, with a not so clear satellite map of this tiny speck of the cowshed in the village. They enquire with the General in the Army. They meet up, decide to form an investment consortium and locate the cowshed.

A non descript, humble and smelly place. Lo there sits these partners who seem to have just given birth to a brilliant idea - an idea that could change the world.

Here they are – three wealthy men with their investments handing over the best of what they have to the inhabitants of the cow shed.

They were right in their judgment. The world turned upside down. The Noble prize committee found it too awesome to acknowledge the event. They even dubbed it the second coming.


Dushyant said...

Nice one Benny, story had an anticlimax, I was expecting some huge project however turned out to be a giving story.

Annu's Diary said...

Benny, the idea is good, very novel. But I think you need to work a little more on the way it gets developed.