Sunday, May 20, 2007

Is this all you can do?

Day 1 Lunch time

Strange but simple. Nobody likes to be talked to. Now if I want to talk to my son about raising the bar, I don’t sit across in a chair and talk about that. It doesn’t work. It did not work for me am sure it will never work for him. It just passes off with those millions of phonemes he hears day in and day out.

We squiggled our hands, played fire, water and earthquake in order to limber up then got on to the walking on mouse pads. From the beginning it look simply menacing for me. To many it looked like a cake walk. The purpose on the outset was to drive home the point about working as a team, planning and so on. But the actual reason was to put those challenging words - IS THAT ALL YOU CAN DO?

The game really worked and these words do reverberates in my ears - to remind me of challenge in simplicity. IS THIS ALL I CAN DO? Pumps my desire to push and never to stay in comfort.

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