Friday, May 18, 2007

Unreason riding an ass

The agenda was to set order out chaos, performance from motionlessness : the thought of hitting a chaotic setting in search of order seemed inappropriate. I had to express my thought to Roshan and after a talk with Prehalath, I realized it was too late to call it off. (thanks to Tatkal).

The bumpy road in the army truck seemed to turn my thoughts around, an occasional bump on the head seemed to knock some sense into my cortex and disturb all existing cortical maps. The journey seemed to end, actually begin, another journey. The accommodation shook out the comfort that the concept of hitting the bed can give. These enthusiastic young uns were singing and dancing around the fire more to reconcile with the tribal lifestyle.

Did I land up all the way to this place to seek solutions to issues that beset a city life? Can nature address my search convincingly? Commonsense seemed to gallop on a white horse to say that I have made a mistake, but the braying of the ass of unreason seemed louder and surer. .....

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