Monday, June 11, 2007


Mahatma Gandhi said "one must go through nationalism to reach internationalism and one must go through war for peace"And may I add that one must go through religion to reach spirituality. I like some profiles in orkut that says" spiritual not religious". In most of these cases what they are saying is - that they do not depend on religion as their identity but as their faith (Ayesha Jalal- Self and Sovereignity ).

I have heard the good men say " how can I miss the church on sunday? or its important to read The Bible and Pray every morn". There are many who keep the festivities and hang a cross around all important objects and areas to either display their identity or faith or to ward off the evil one.

But the good word says "pray without ceasing".

Wernher Von Braun ( the German scientist who was behind the V2 lethal missiles that devastated London in World War II) after the war was captured by the allies and was involved in the NASA Rocketery Program. According to him hard work is not enough in Rocketery. You need to have a goal and strategy. To be successful you need to "make Rocketery your religion" he says.

If you make your profession your religion what happens to your faith? Your faith simply moves to the next level of becoming you oryou take your first step into the spiritual realm. You will BE.

Total commitment is not equated with hardwork its equated with total involvement. Work cannot become religion but you can make religion your work.

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Bitter Sweet said...


So simple, yet so deep.

Hope the words keep creating Peace, brotherhood, love and harmony, so that Humanity can just BE.

Isn't that the founding tenets of any religion?