Friday, August 24, 2007

My Foot

While I was waiting to meet up with my friend Lawrence, I had the opportunity to cool my heels - well literally. The venue of our meet was a place called Nalam (meaning wellness). A place for aligning the body and the soul.

I was made to sit in a very comfortable chair, then duck my feet in warm water with salt. A trained person took up my feet and worked on it so skillfully. It was handled it so carefully like they way one would handle a new born baby. My mind was wandering through and delved on the way Christ would have washed the feet of the disciples. Maybe his act was to humble himself but was a communication to the disciples to start from the lowest level driving home the point that the triangle of the social structure needs to be overturned - Start with Feet.

And then I sat with Lawrence at his office space to find that Lawrence hand actually championed the Dalit cause. This is carrying reflexology to the society.

I left very relaxed and I will go there again. My gait had changed I understood that Iam fearfully and wonderfully created. But more that I took home the message of humility and the importance of handling the lowly and the deprived as precious jewels.

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