Sunday, January 06, 2008

Engaging in a loss

If you win celebrate but if you loose vamoose, sounds more like what Hitler said. And then that little man, Nepolean B came across this wonderful idea of treating a win as a loss. No clinking of champagne bottles after a victory, the generals were made to cuddle together in a make shift barracks and the little man fired questions after questions to review the victory process. The reason he wanted to cut and paste a victory model in every war.Thats a great thought indeed. But it suffers a major flaw... When a man wins he is injected with a high levels of dopamine and acetocolyne that he lives in a near make beleive world. So whatever he utters, even under duress and pressure, only brings out distorted data. This probably sent the little man to Elba eventually.A loser speaks the truth.... he speaks more than truth...he lays bare. If you get him in the right frame of mind he will even go beyond truth he will go the roots of it. So if you see a man convicted of a crime hiding his face, its not out of shame, its more to keep the lesson to himself ? The losers in a game have far more insights than consistent performers. Is this not like dabbing make up on a face of sweat??Well it is. Chak de India.

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