Thursday, January 03, 2008

Personal Finance Blog

I found this blog - - to be very transparent and extremely useful for people who have no idea about what to do with their money ( including me). I have been having problems with handling of money for many years.

You need to have a lifestyle or rather develop one which will help you handle your money carefully. I have tried many things. But the one Iam trying now seems to be the best.

I have spent the past 3 weeks trying to get my entire house organized. My house was a total mess- accumulated junk over the years- We end up buying the things that we already have. So I did some proper planning of storage places and decided what should go where. I neatly packed up the stuff that I dont use very often in old newspapers and numbered them and indexed them. Books, kitchen vessels and some bulky stuff has been documented and stored already.

Now I need to do my documents. I feel more in control. There is a lot of discipline and cleanliness and I hope the same hygiene will be seen in my financial life too

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The Chef said...

Hi, Thanks for the mention of my blog on your blog. I am really honoured when you mentioned the transparency of my blog. I really appreciate it.