Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Voyage on chirpy waters

The Middle station is the most comfortable zone. The highest place among the poor. You are neither rich nor too poor. Take the stream, surrender yourself to the current, you happily swim till you reach the end.

The merchants, the adventurers and the ones that followed heart had no particular joy in this middle station. They would rather risk their comforts, reputation and life to do different. Much against the sound cousel from their loved ones. They boarded ships and travelled troubled waters to find new land. Some perished but they gave up their life in pursuit of their heart on in the comfort of their homes. When missions failed they were strangulated by defeat and debt, yet they never gave up. Occassional rum from the keg was their comfort but their mind was set.

Had it not been for this group of people I wonder what would have become of this world. A day will come when the locks of Dave Jones locker will be broken, the dead will rise and they will surely be rewarded for their deeds of their heart and their pursuit with faith.

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