Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have we all surrendered to the Internet

Andrew Sullivan writes in the Times of India that Internet particular Google has done wonderful things, but are we losing the quietness of our literary, intellectual and spiritual life
Reading one book for a while allows the theme to resonante, today we flit around, multi task and dont allow our mind to reside on one subject. We dont hav etime to think things throught and allow themselves to entertain a thought before commiting it.

He quotes Nicholas Carr who says "Information may be free, but, as Horning explains, it exacts a price in the time required to collect, organize, and consume it. As we binge on the Net, the time available for other intellectual activities - like, say, thinking - shrinks. Eventually, we get bloated, mentally, and a kind of intellectual nausea sets in. But we can't stop because - hey - it's free."

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