Monday, June 09, 2008

Suddenly I grew up

My son had this to say, foresee challenges and create them now, go through it a controlled environment so when the the real challenge stares at you its easy to get past. My son finds it very easy to say no to money though I know how important it is for him at this point in life. He is out of college, wanting to pursue further studies and he is in need of money. Yes Iam blessed with a son who is committed to readind and serious study. History excites him and he detests people who scorn at history to euologize Management, HR etc.

By September 2008 he should be in Canada, and my daughter has already in Trivandrum pursuing her final year of schooling. With my wife working in Trivandrum, Iam all but alone. I have grown. Need to pursue the Moby Dick of my life .....

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