Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The bushman with soft skills

Leafs, Beads and some metal pieces strategically positioned on the anatomy not just to hide or reveal but to adorn. The pristine nature is on display as these little bodies breeze past the ramp of the world, captured by the lenses of nature's eyes their innocent casual gait nee the zip of a gazelle that could make the urban mind loathe the clothing of his body. Try enslaving a bushman with a choker of a necktie, the pincher of a shoe, the chimney of a hat, a squeezer of a belt or just try to gild a lily.

Well then in the jungle of corporate hustling the communication happens from the attire than from the mind. Yo! A scrub from school who languished with low grades can shop for image from fashion street and hurrah to Pygmalion he is ready to deal cheek by jowl with the scholars. Add a simple 2 day 'tongue cleaner' workshop to transform a garbled tongue to a suave and fluent dude, sprinkle some attitude with some make over from a hen coop, and a fancy phone, bingo the academic flop is ready to make it big in the corporate world.

The masquerading accouterments are off the shelf, after all skating in an air-conditioned rink is no sweat. A leading private bank has designated the hues of the skin to fulfill the terms of employment. Naïve as I was I literally dumped my banker who was rude and efficient to a private bank that sported well designed pay-in slips, envelopes and well draped girls only to hear apologies in husky voices so very often " Sorry Sir it wont happen ever again". I even placed my trust on a so called Private Clinic and disregarded the rude and unclean Government hospital till I had my wife shake hands with death.

Quote moby dick Now I would rather sail a ship with a rude efficient captain than a friendly inefficient chap. The best will be to run carefree as a bushman.

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