Saturday, July 12, 2008

Whack on small butts....

Tom had this problem with books, actually he had a problem with whatever his parents told him to do. Pretty normal behaviour... For a child who implicitily follows or takes orders and holds his moma's hands for shopping and who studies without on his own may not give the parents enough fodder as they interact with the others. The Big 'uns are strange species, either way the kid feels hassled. If the pop is soft the mom makes up and vice versa.. for its firmly ingrained notion that there is no gain with out pain... so an occassional wallop on the butt not only satisfies the urge of the alpha male to display his superiority but in the process the child gains immensely. The tigress of the home may take the stick and try it on the child to wake up the sleeping lion.Some red clots on the butt hopefully reduces some reds on the progress tracker. Its strage how the tail and the head are linked. A study of the nervous system to research this phenomena will sure do good. MRI reports of the the brain and the ultrasound reports may overlap...

we have been given two ends
one to sit with
the other to think with
success depends what we choose
heads you with
tails you loose

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