Wednesday, July 09, 2008

When God?

All their religions beleive that their gods are omnipotent, and they perform miracles to save and sustain the universe. So if anyone who can perform miracles and ease pain they are lifted to the postion of God. Logically the children of misery seek God. A man who celebrates every moment of his life would hardly require any god.
Gods become relevant to the one who is having a tough time in life and when the ruling classes fail to deliver justice, then men start looking for super saviours.
We need to realise that God is in us, and we can understand this only when we stop searching for an out of the world saviour. He should understand that a saviour is similar to a big banyan tree. No rose bush can grow under its expansive shadows. So if a man wants to achive he has to come out of the shawdow of God's wings and seek God only when he has a problem or trouble.
Will a father expect his son to live under his shadow and will not define that as loyalty that merits reward? A good father would like his son to grow like an oak tree but he is always there when the son is in trouble.
(Thoughts triggered by an article by TS Sreenivasa Ragahavan - HANG YOUR GODS - TOI 9th July 2008)

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