Friday, August 22, 2008

Indian Interdependence Day

I was reading "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman, for the 3rd time not that the book is so good for the third peek but soon after reading Amartya Sen's "Argumentative Indian" I thought of getting another view point about India's progress and its position today.
Honestly Sen's book gave me a bleak past of India, I love to be proud of my country but my two days with Argumentative India actually made me feel small about our achievement. Sen was repeating Akbar, Ashoka, Tagore, Zero, Decimal again and again and I can imagine how he would have felt writing it. More over the language he had used transported me back to old times and I thought of hooking on to the digital world with Friedman.

I like the idea of Interdependence Day. The day when India actually got recognized as an outsourcing destination for got recognized by the world. But end of the day we do only the 'grunt work' for the Americans. How does it matter any way.

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