Sunday, August 24, 2008

The last Olympics

Large beady eyes can sometimes prove to be an undoing, as you get to see a whole lot of frames and you really don’t know where to focus. While the narrow slant eyes may only see just that little opportunity and invest all energies pursuing it. If the Chinese dominance in the medals tally this Olympics is anything to go by, you will get to see many rewriting their scripts to forecast Asian Dominance and India gets included by default.

Can you extrapolate the Chinese prowess in manufacturing and now in sport to their ability to challenge west, particularly US. How can a country that is operated on a command structure spawn innovators who can change the world?

As long as the games were played in the right spirit the true athletes dominated, enter science, those who surrender their body, mind and spirit to science seem to have the medal edge. Even gender has become malleable, according to Mukul Sharma, Beijing Olympics will probably be the last of the traditional Olympics as we used to know them and that it’s only a matter of time before separate rules have to be framed for humans, enhanced humans and human-machine combines which are sure to come up in the near future now.

The rules of the game keep changing, the game may remain, and one thing is for sure the spirit of Olympics has vanished, as the democracy is taken out of it. This is probably the reason according to me the Jamaican team is the winners along with Phelps. This is not to deny China or the other countries of their exploits but it’s about keeping the Olympic flame alive in the hearts.

While the math and science salmon are swimming upstream in India and China what are the American’s up to? Surely they are focusing on Intellectual Rights, investing on governing mechanisms and Tahboulah (stratagems in Hebrew). While the nation states sweat it out in the next Olympic Games the American industry will supply the drugs that activate key metabolic protein which tells cells to burn extra fat and make more mitochondria — the cell’s power-producing structures.

The decline of US in the sport hierarchy may be overtly disappointing, but for them is the apotheosis. They are ready to play god.

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