Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some fish food for your mind

I work with children. My sole aim is to make them have great fun. This is in direct conflict with their parents who do not want them to have fun. So I have two huge fish tanks, one has hundreds of guppies and another one of similar size with two huge golden fishes swimming majestically.

Now I sit and explain to the parents how important it is to make children leaders and not a bunch of code developers with a herd mentality. Saying this I look at the fish tank that has the two golden fishes. Subliminal communication.

To my dismay I look at the ambitious parents focusing on the tank that accommodates the guppies and spot a pregnant mother giving birth and tell me "Sir, I want my child to generate marks like this, can you help?"

Well then I ruminate for solutions and think within " Madam I wish you were reading text books during the process of insemination instead of screaming with joy"

Ive had to take the fish tanks away. Its always better to join the crowd than to swim against it. After all there is a need to give some purpose to millions who have decided to commit their lives to be ensnared hook, line, sinker or net some day.

In fact I saw an appointment advertisement with a huge visual of a hook. I told myself "this fisherman has got balls"

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