Thursday, January 22, 2009

An admonition so humble?

Rowan’s note to Brutus

Only an unsaved Calvinst would say that there is no need to pray or to preach the gospel. My argument is simple if man had the choice to seek and love God with all his heart and that the destiny of the world is in our hands and satan is the sovereign Lord over evil then we are doomed. The Bible says in Romans 1 that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Then Paul goes on to say that there is none righteous no not one and there is none that seeks God. God has sovereign dominion over evil because the devil is a created being and the devil depends on the life of God for its survival. The reason being that the only eternal life is God, denying this would be denying the Bible as a whole. The Bible also says that man today is fallen and is a slave to sin and not only that man loves sin and he rejoices in sin. God throughout all history was striving with the flesh of man as stated in Genesis to give him eternal life. He was always mercifully forgiving sin not because he was unjust. If he were unjustly forgiving sin he would not be God. The Bible states in various books in the Old Testament that the law, destruction by the flood etc is only temporary but he would one day open the floodgates of heaven and send his only begotten son and he would take upon himself the sins of the world. He also promises Daniel that he would put an end to the Kingdoms of the world when the time is ripe. When God gave the Law he says I have now kept good and evil before you and he commands them to choose good not to try and keep it and he would reward it. God demands nothing but perfection the law was given to diagnose the sin of man. Christ Jesus is the great physician who heals this disease. He has taken the wrath of God on himself and conquered hell and death on behalf of mankind and in him we are made righteous and in hi alone. The Law is now fulfilled it is now grace that reigns, there is no necessity for a Christian to be law conscious but to become a disciple of Jesus and be involved in God's great plan to bring the Kingdom Of God on Earth. This does not give us a license to sin because we are dead to sin and cannot sin anymore but sometimes when the flesh prevails on certain occasions, God who is now our father faithfully and justly forgives our sins. God has already predestined that he kingdom would reign sovereign on Earth and he has predestined the exact time. This gives a Christian hope and when he is filled with God, God works in him to bring his kingdom.

With regard to open theism it is a new age heresy and I am surprised it is creeping into the church. Beware of this, the role played by God in this belief is similar to the role played by the Architect in the Matrix series, he only has an equation to predict human behaviour. God is sovereign over the universe and nothing happens without his divine will. Since a Christian understands the goodness and the love of God the only thing we need to do is submit to God and he will work in us and he is the rewarder of those who diligently seek him. We have hope that God is in control of everything and all things work together for good for them that love God. We will worship him, love him, spread his love and pray for his kingdom to come.

With regard to prayer to God is the one who created us and chose our family, place of birth, who we will meet etc etc, he knows what he want and that is the reason why he has revealed himself to us. When we pray we should pray according to his will because his will is perfect for us and this world. When we approach prayer in this respect it will please God to work in us. Ignore 5 points Calvinism and Hyper- Calvinism but believe in the sovereignty of God, this is the gospel and this will bring about intense hope, love and joy. Accept that the universe is in good hands.

All the Best and may God be with you.

Brutus reply to Rowan

Thanks for the lecture. This may be the last of my interaction with you on any matter for you do not have a modicum of humility and holy caution talking to someone like me who is 60 years old, 39 years your senior. What do you think I was doing all these 39 years before you were born and 21years after your birth?

When I was there at your home I have noticed this arrogance and 'smart-alecness' lecturing and correcting me without a thought to my knowledge of theology and experience in life. You are a deluded young man with self-grandeur and a high opinion of yourself. Your father too has told me how you lecture his friends. Either you are a genius who I know you are not or you are deluded. There is something definitely wrong with you.

Without a shadow of apprehension you are counselling and instructing me about the so called 'heresy' of 'Open Theism' and the virtues of Calivinism warning me of its dangers etc. You are out of your depth and place talking about theology.

I have repeatedly told you in person and I do so now, learn humility, be all ears, express less of your opinion, ask more questions and show respect for those who are older than you, particularly those who know theology far beyond you.

Go get a job, any job and earn your keep instead of bludging on your granny's pension. There is no job beneath your 'dignity' for there is no dignity in you if you will not work to feed yourself and pay your way in life. Your present life is made possible by the generosity of your grandma. The Scripture says,' If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.' 'By the sweat of thy brow thou shall eat bread' (Gen 3: 19; 2 Thes 3: 10). Self indulgence is idiocy of life and that is not a moral and spiritual excellence. All your testimony of your life and of Christ is zero when others see your unproductive life when they show industry to pay their way in life. Christianity without life to show for it, is dead.

Finally, I urge you again, have some healthy self doubt and caution about matters those far older than you have been studying with much depth and thought over the years. Your are an 'infant' on these matters, so be humble. Learn to be Timothy instead of being Paul. These words are not to demolish you but to wake you up from your delusion. You can see I am irate and justly so for I cannot tolerate someone like you assuming to be my teacher.

I am hoping some of what I have said will strike home.

With love and concern!

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