Monday, January 12, 2009

Identity and Cool Menthol Filter

1969 as i stepped into High School.
The armor of care around left behind, with beady eyes rolling,vulnerable and overawed.
Social ferment and lawlessness, hushed voices discussing Dravidian issues and the imposition of Hindi constantly tickled my amydala causing my mind to envelope with doubt and fear.

The radio on sunday afternoons and some war torn newspapers presented hopeful lines
- "Cool gives you new kick and the menthol filter does that trick"
while these lines reverberated in my mind my hands flinched not as I took in the first puff followed by a cough and I got me self the first rung of the ladder to handle my high school. Soon I had hitched my ladder to the stars while I greeted the Apollo Team ( Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins). I regained my identity while my lips gently caressed the filter till it reached the fags end.

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