Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The awe and thaw at the university

Some days can are made for cerebral pursuit, so when I rolled in bed unable to rise, pushed by the strong air from the fan, mobilizing all my will to sit up and scram for a cup of tea - the day seemed a lot different. As my limbs and my will, hand in hand, took a toll of my spirit while my mind, as a raging bull, seemed to make headway - the day seemed a lot different.

The trip to the university to lend my ears to some scholars who had spent years with tamil literature of the ages administered a wee bit of dopamine into my system, and the high fed me with the energy to reach the portals of knowledge - madras university.

The buzz that you see in the engineering set ups were missing, no college buses, no busy treks.... students seemed to carelessly loiter around devoid of direction and not even a glimmer of hope about their future in their world of work.

The imposing facade, the breeze from the sea, the large halls and the spacious parking lots, the absence of security personnel, a modest canteen all indicated of the glory of the past and the neglect of the present. I sat in awe listening to a few modest men armed with thoughts so magnificent. While in those hallowed portals basking in those glorious moments, the little beep from my wretched phone; as thud brought me back to the reality of material reality.

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