Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Forthright written straight on the face

When the common man is losing faith in private enterprise and looking for a clutch of straw to hold on. When the capitalists and the greedy business man have thrown corporate governance out of the window leaving thousands scampering around with despair.
With perfect timing as a man of high stature and responsibility you, Mr Gopalaswami, decided to wash dirty linen with just 3 months to go before retirement and elections.

Now see the plight of the millions in a democracy for whom elections are a festival and you the chief priests.
Mr Chawla, you may not be a saint, but stay still. Hold your peace.

And you Mr Gopalaswami, with a forthrightness written straight on your face, bow down to institutional values. Learn to work with the challenges and the pressures though they me like a mountain. Nay its time you apologize like gentleman, and step aside. Well who knows you may land up as a governor if India shines(???) once again.
If Chawla were to become the CEC, well we know the good old 'hand' is behind him.
So what. Arn't we are all birthed in sin and  in our folly we do good by default?
Democracy will roll on. Its crazy but it will roll on. You will be soon be  forgotten, and buried amongst the ballots (real and rigged).  So chill.

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