Monday, February 16, 2009

Understanding Momentum

I have been dealing with the principle of the inherent desire in human beings for momentum in my training programs. The three key elements required for momentum being - concept of space, energy and time. While we have this inherent ability to understand space and energy is very much part of us (probably in a narrow sense) the concept of time needs to be acquired. For if we are born with this desire for momentum and if space and energy are inherent in us and if we do not possess the concept of time then there is a backward momentum.

On a very practical level if I come to the last day for payment of a particular bill then I use my understanding of space (distance to the billing counter) and my energy (the last minute tension and rush) to wait in the long queue (spending time) with many like me.

Now its important to understand time in relation to space, time in relation to energy and time in relation to space and energy. Only then can forward momentum take place.

Time goes beyond the clock and the calender. Its the understanding of patterns and formations quite complicated. Its combines the empirical and logical concepts embedded in the math skills and in the complex nature of the language skills. Throw in the the pattern of the musical skills then a man can posses good sense of timing.

As we step into Quantam Mechanics and try to unpack the concept of 'teleportation' the concept of speed emerges.

Hence effectiveness of a professional in a work arena can be measure a persons understand of time. Its time that determines both content and ability.

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