Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mud on the face. Skies within reach.

I was a corporate something, identified and groomed to become someone. Soon I sensed the trembling of the ground beneath, the rumblings became so unbearable that I ran for safety. Me tried my own stuff and prospered but the ground beneath was getting noisier by the day.

I moved effortless from success to failure, from a restaurant to a tea shop, from a chauffeur driven car to a bicycle or bus, from cigarettes to beedies. All this in full public view, and many have seen me sprawled on the road, and have I seen them turning their heads away in shame. He deserves it, many said and many felt pity but none came near me, save one friend who called me once in a hundred days to inquire about the depths I have covered and left me with a thin thread to climb out. Thank you Maam.

I reveled in the depths for I preferred it to the spot light of mediocrity.

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