Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ring – vootu – cut

Recently I was travelling with some young enthusiastic guys who chatted and chatted the entire night, when ever they were exhaused they played the FM station on their phones. I decided to join the fun. I overheard this funny phrase for Missed call - Ring Vootu Cut. I was so facinated by it that I decided to write about it. Here goes:

Ring – Vootu – Cut

Oh how I love to talk
Yakety Yak round the clock
The fear of the big bill
My desire it can't kill
Yet am not a stupid mutt
So my master stroke is
Ring – vootu – cut

I love what I have
My money I will never part
If my talk is taxed
My tongue can't be axed
I am smart cutlet
I use my master stroke
Ring – vootu – cut

My fingers will dial
As though my call is real
Will quickly make an exit
After ringing a little bit
The return call I pick it fut
Enjoying the economy behind
Ring – vootu – cut

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