Friday, April 03, 2009

The Dragon needs to be stopped

Have you ever seen Marina or Eliots? Have you walked on the sand eating cotton candy? Do you remember the flocks of people who ran to the Central Station in Chennai? Now, it is our time to run to the beaches.

Modernization and infrastructure building have blinded the government from looking for viable alternatives to combat traffic congestion. Instead, they have decided to build an atrocious elevated highway half way across the city connecting Gandhi Statue, Marina Beach, and Kottivakam, ECR.

This is a Rs. 1000 crores project, which is unnecessary and exorbitant. The famed Marina, Eliot’s, and Tiruvanmiyur beaches are doomed! Can’t this money be put into better use - like developing public transport? Join us in opposing the government that does not mind drawing in money just for the sake of ‘infrastructure’ even though it is going to kill Chennai’s culture, environment, and indigenous communities. Write in your comments here. What can we do? What is the stand you wish to take on this? by Samyuktha

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