Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In grief with joy around

Indulged in the world so dark
The boundaries I boldly pushed
Till the grace came down and lit a spark
This love had me ambushed

Nay!! I sought him not, He sought me
I ran so fast and sailed to other shores
But my life and strength wore out completely
Helpless I was pinned by loves wild boar

I said I will rest in wedlock still
Family and home and bed to rest
My sins, my fears as a whale swallowed me
For a decade in a dark belly I squirmed

Its the tender grace that restored my ground
My heart led my feet to set people free
Alas!!! I lost my family
Now in grief I lay with joy ringing around

Though my tears of sorrow tastes bitter now
I never will trade it for false show of love
My fondest one may from me depart
His understanding will soon grip her heart

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