Thursday, June 25, 2009

Annanagar to Marina Beach - the long walk


I have been at it for some time. Whenever I took those small 30-45 minute walks I used to imagine how it would be to take a long one, and this thing about going to the beach always cropped up. I did a rough distance:time estimate and today I decided to make it. Fortunately for me an appointment at 5 pm was canceled (well I sorta manipulated it.

I put on my shoes and started my walk. It was 5.30 pm the traffic was just beginning to flow. I started rather slowly and it took me 15 minutes to reach the end of Shanti Colony from Sundaram Medical.... well on my way to Loyola College - through Nelson Manickam Road - I had a tough time, the traffic was maddening and there no side walks. I reached the Loyola end of Sterling Road in 1 Hour (from home).

I relaxed a bit, with a Limca, then started again, and reached the Gemini Flyover (from Loyola) in 30 minutes, I had actually estimated 1 hr. This walk was rather peaceful in a good residential locality off Sterling but the Nungambakkam High Road was crazy.

The walk from Gemini to the beach was good except for the noise (Oh! I cursed myself for forgetting the ear plugs) After Music Academy the side walks were broad and empty (I realized that very few people actually walk, well were can they walk anyway)

My leg started the first sign of protest near Hotel Savera, I pressed on, I could feel the cool sea breeze beckoning me. Little before Hotel President I started slowing down considerably, short steps,now my heel was actually hurting,the sidewalks of granite stone seemed very hard, and I was terribly thirsty and could find no shops along the way.

I reached City Centre with a considerable amount of pain, the battery in my phone was running down (I couldn't talk to anyone for diversion sake). By now I had almost reached, finally I found a tuck shop glugged down another soft drink and finally made it to the beach. The total time taken was 150 minutes. Not bad I felt good.

I found a quite place, took my shoes and socks off, place my tired feet on the sand and relaxed with an ice cream for 30 minutes before I started back. I walked back to the bus stand(10 minutes) got a bus to Gemini and walked again for 7 minutes and reached Jhaver Plaza at Nungambakkam High Road. Any empty share auto brought back to Annanagar. My travel time back was 70 minutes.

Now Iam back home, a light dinner a warm bath, I filled a bucket with hot water and my legs are actually tingling...Wow it feels really really good.

My next trek will happen, another direction... I plan to reach Tambaram... shall keep you posted.


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