Sunday, June 28, 2009

MJ - death & the buzz

I have read and heard many good things about MJ, but the honest one was from Prof Richard Oliver Collin (my good friend), a authority in Terrorism and I had this privilege of organizing some lectures titled 'Mind of a Terrorist' in Chennai and New Delhi.
This was his comment in Facebook on MJ.

"Perplexed at global reaction to the death of Michael Jackson. The Glastonbury Festival is on here in England and every musical group begins with a salute to Michael Jackson. People I know and respect are upset about his passing. The papers are putting out special supplements. I never could see him as even interesting as an artist, and I found his obvious psychiatric impairment embarrassing. Was he weird or am I?"

In my lowest and the lost days of my youth I could never relate to Michael Jackson, I really do not know why. Probably my passion is in Renaissance and Classical music that I had to force myself to relate to contemporary stuff. (which I enjoy genuinely)

Let me try to explain why I did not like Michael Jackson and his types. His screechy high pitch tone may make a person energetic but can disturb the balance. And the kind of sound engineering those days were not able to handle it, probably. And here I was with too many tectonic shifts happening in my life and the last thing I craved for was raw energy (had enough of them).

Then his dancing. As much as I marveled at the moonwalk and the dancing, I always wished I could see it without the music..Overall he fell way below my expectations.

His high energy sounds, balanced by his 'graceful' smooth movements provided a mix that a generation got captured by its total contradiction.

With that as peg point I cannot judge why the world liked MJ, I have some good, cultured, music loving friends who have lot of good things to say... like David Appaswamy in his blog or even Arul Baliah.

Well the pity of course is Farrah Fawcett & Anna Nicole were ignored as Wendell E. Lambert replies in Richard Facebook posting.

"He is weird. People just eat weird/crazy up with a spoon! Look at Anna Nicole. And poor Farrah Fawcett had the bad luck of dying on the same day as this man! Seems like all anyone can talk about is Michael Jackson! What about poor Farrah Fawcett? She put her whole struggle out there for the World to see! People are fools!"

Harsh words from her... but I will go with it..

Now there was one Neera Desai, affectionately called ‘Neeraben’ was a person who did her bit to uplift the downtrodden and underprivileged. She was a pioneer of women’s studies in India. She had set up the country’s first research centre for women’s studies at SNDT Women’s University and wrote several books on women’s issues. She was especially concerned about dalit and tribal women.

On the same day that the king of pop died, an 84 year old woman died quietly of cancer in a corner of Mumbai. read more


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feddabonn said...

i like a few of his songs. i respect the fact that a black man got to the top. i'm sorry he had such a shitty childhood. i even recognise an artist there.

what tires me is the *constant chatter about celebrities, and the implication, somehow, that those not interested in their lives are somehow not quite normal. ah well.