Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Music - Understand it to internalize time

Understanding and appreciation of music, in all forms, plays a vital role in internalizing time management. For Time in isolation cannot be understood. Music and Language are two forms, when studied and pursued, can help one handle the past, present and future. As much as one tries to listen and enjoy the pep and pace of modern music its important to appreciate music of the past. A collective understanding of music in all forms can help a human being acquire extraordinary skills that can help in understanding time. Remember in my article titled "Time- can you manage it?" I had mentioned about the "flow of human experience into different time frame or time zones - AUTOMATICALLY AND NON CONSCIOUSLY." No book can teach one on how to manage time, at best it will help you to manage the clock and the calender - certainly not time.

So I will take you through a journey on the history of music and as we progress we will learn of the past and the present genre of music.

Lets take European Music for a start

Periods of European Music (source Wikipedia)


Medieval (500-1400)
Renaissance (1400-1600)
Baroque (1600-1760)

Common Practice

Baroque (1600-1760)
Classical (1730-1820)
Romantic (1815-1910)

Then comes Modern and Contemporary Music.

We will deal with each of them as we progress

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