Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yashpal Committe report on Higher education

The Yashpal Committee Report - for the rejuvenation of Higher Education in India has come out.

To move it toward more active and creative form. Now this a true confession of the education system today. Can we say the ones who have successfully traversed this not imaginative? Oh Yes I agree.

We were struck by the fact that over the years we have followed policies of
fragmenting our educational enterprise into cubicles. We have overlooked
that new knowledge and new insights have often originated at the
boundaries of disciplines. We have tended to imprison disciplinary studies in opaque walls. This has restricted flights of imagination and limited our
creativity. This character of our education has restrained and restricted our
young right from the school age and continues that way into college and
university stages. Most instrumentalities of our education harm the potential
of human mind for constructing and creating new knowledge. We have
emphasized delivery of information and rewarded capability of storing
information. This does not help in creating a knowledge society.

Look what it has to say on Engineering and Management institutions that have mushroomed

Mushrooming engineering and management colleges, with some notable
exceptions, have largely become, mere business entities dispensing very poor
quality education.


1. THE IDEA OF A UNIVERSITY (blah blah blah )


The Indian system of higher education has also kept itself aloof
from the local knowledge base of the worker, the artisan and the
peasant. Over the years, there has been an increasing tendency to treat
teaching and research as separate activities, although for very
different reasons, with some wishing to preserve research as élite
activity. This distinction is being reinforced by separate policies,
programmes and structures.
We can then look forward to the day
when IITs and IIMs would be producing scholars in literature,
linguistics and politics along with engineering and management
wizards who would have substantial motivation for engagement
with the local community, and the opportunity to use and
enhance learning by solving real-life problems in their immediate

The issue of geo-cultural diversities is another critical area
where our universities have increasingly failed to act as spaces
where students would learn to respect diversity as a value. In a
world where boundaries are blurring, it is important that we
learn to acknowledge and appreciate differences and not try to
homogenize everything.

Total pages 94 (reviwed 1-16)



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