Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Butchering a brand

When I first heard about this day care centre that goes by the name - Kanchana Paati, I was excited. Actually what a name??? Then I got closer, visited their website ... surprise, surprise more..the designs were so appropriate, the colors the fonts captured it all. The bigger surprise... I know the guy behind this - Suri.

I caught up with him, even worked closely with him for 3 days and I realised that he was Butchering the Brand and not trying to create it... The anxiety of make more money sometimes can make you disregard the neccessity to nurture the brand and build on it, well if it naturally ages its probably okay.. but when ones orientation to 'numbers' becomes an obsession design and class rushes out.

This is exactly what happend to Kanchana Paati. Roots & Wings a excellent brand ( nowhere near Kanchana Paati as a brand name) launches its centre in Annanagar and the person heading the centre is an ex-Kanchana Paati employee. The reaction to this is some small boards put up around Annanagar ...ugly eyesore.

This my dear, is the end of the brand Kanchana Paati.

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