Friday, August 14, 2009

The Electrician who sang......

It was not a great night
Warm and mosquitoes infested one
The fire in the fuse box
Plunged the home into darkness

Pressing the panic button
We ran helter skelter
For an electrician,
The most valuable man

Promptly after 3 hours
A team arrived
Tired and insensitive,a quick look
They said "Its gone"

The night presented its worst
The first task of the morn
Was clearly writ
To find the man who can fix it.

My trip to the office was a tired trek
I found 3 sleeping in a shack
My door number I mumbled
From his sleep Govindasamy stumbled

A cup of tea I bought for him
On his bicycle he peddled
His eyes still dim

The complex mix of wires puzzled him
His morning meditation began
As all his minds cortices woke up
His chants captivated me

Attentional focus at its best
The man rummaged through the wires
With a song with no script
The lyrics composed on the spot

This song that he sang to himself
Gave him the clue
His estimate of the cost and time
Were precise too.

I saw his deep involvement in what he did
He enjoyed his time with wires
Green, blue and Red

In 3 hours he fixed it clean
I lit up, as the lights came back

The next day I met him to pay him off
He shared with me his life and and his job
His economy, his needs were stretched he said
But his joy came from lighting homes instead.

He spoke of those less fortunate than him
Those who struggle through life
Sleeping on the roads
Eating from the bin

His parting words surprised me no end
He said 'The Good God gives strength and grace
For those who struggle
The plagues will never get the better of them
In weakness they find strength

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