Thursday, August 20, 2009

Review - Journey of a Christian Job seeker

The Journey of a Christian Jobseeker
Agnes Olubunmi Amos

The relevance of this book today can only be matched by the ‘true to life’ honest musings of the author about the turmoil and the stress of finding a job. The strand of hope that is a constant through out the job hunt is wonderfully captured in the ‘affirmation’ at the end of every journal entry, notice the ‘I, Me & My’ pattern – its personal. Testimonies generally follow, High Challenge – God Intervention – Victory Banner formula, this book breaks away from that pattern by being honest and vulnerable and yet give the reader the hope of standing firm on the rock of the Word. The interaction of the author’s journal entry with ‘reason together’ and ‘fountain of hope’ is a tinderbox, capable of exploding more thoughts.

One is certain the professionals of the ‘Info era’ particularly, would have gone through this path - they will find it easy to relate and actually give them a “somebody has been peeking into my diary feeling”. And for all those who are yet to traverse this path this book equips them with the toolkit to pass through the difficult path without even realizing it. Its simplicity and the summation at the end somehow will leave one with a confidence that ‘facing the rough sea is fun after all and one ends up becoming stronger’.

This is a rare gem, too expensive to ignore.


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