Friday, August 21, 2009

Sour episode turns sweet

Interesting twist Shipa Shetty had a torrid time with Jane Goody on the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2007show, one of the demeaning terms used by Goody was 'poppadoms'. Shilpa came out with tears and the crown in the show while Goody became a villain in India for racial abuse and lost lucrative deals and went on to apologizing to Shilpa.

Now the twist Shipa is planning the crispy appetiser to be on top of the menu to honour Goody’s memory. “Shilpa thinks Jade will have a little chuckle in heaven about the poppadoms. and she just thought, ‘Why don’t I just create my own range?”
Interesting twist to an episode that was sour and ready to tickle the taste buds.


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