Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was reading Patrick Barkham write a...

I was reading Patrick Barkham write about “Just how much TV should Children watch?”
this article was written in specific reference to Australia taking
steps to ban TV viewing by children below  yrs.  And how is this
possible? one really does not know.  One is a moral problem and the
other is the overall degradation of the brain.  I was quite appalled to
see a clip of a Japanese show for children.
Basically, it’s a children’s show (geared for boys ages 6 to 11) called The Ancient Dogoo Girl, and
it’s about a teen girl (who hopefully is played by someone older) with
some sort of ancient magic bra that shoots energy weapons or spikes or
magic beams or some such equivalent.

Iam one who beleives, or lets put
it this way neuroscience has proved beyond doubt that any consistent
activity to the brain can actually wire the brain and adapt to that
environment.  So if a child is exposed to too much of television, the
wonder of the visuals can actually give the child a “slack-jawed look”
, it can kill neurons and the synaptic connections that are made in
order to discriminate signals from ‘noise’.

I have personally observed
children who are termed ADHD at schools are actually those who are not
able to processess sound on a sustained level, why they have this
problem of distinguishing between signals and noise, and eventually
find a problem  in processing the target sound and rejecting the
distractors.  The teacher talking, is the target sound in class,
children who have spent the early ages on high television viewing have
a problem.   For them target sound in most cases are accompanied by
dynamic visuals if that does not happen the child rejects it, rather
the childs brain, rejects it as distractor sounds and starts processing
other noises.

A good brain development for a
child depends on a good environment at home.  If a home emphaises
reading over  viewing then the conversation at home tends to be on a
higher level and a child growing up in such an enviroment will surely
be wired to take on academic challeges with ease.

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