Sunday, January 10, 2010


The Avatar, the much trumpeted movie, is in my pocket.  Like it? Dint like it?  Phew its a tough call to make.  Liked because I had spent time with my friends... don want to say the other part.

To me it was a metaphor of the big time MNCs trying to pummel the small retailers  who work with their heart.  If these corporate machines get the message will they back off?  No certainly not, and personally think they shouldn't too. They need to move forward aggressively to their doom.

Thats what made me happy about the move..  The 3 D stuff was fine.

Actually it was simple and regular story, that we get to see so often, but with some imagination thrown.  I like the way the the Pantdorites, Navis, choosing  their vehicle - rather being chose by the vehicle, and the plugin in (USB style) with the vehicle was a neat little piece of imagination.  There were some more, surely not worth writing about.

Yes it sends u back with nothing to talk about or write about.  So I would say I liked it. (cant get more wishy washy right?)

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