Thursday, March 04, 2010

Handbook presented with folded hands

The master went past in all his majesty and glory, his eyes perched up envisioning the horizon of the pot of gold that lay at the end. He swung his hands, it was rather stiff, and one gets to see the steely determination of his mind in it. The slave, who watched the master walk by, would not dare to eyeball the master, as he bowed down in shamefulness of his lowly stature.  The slave seemed to have a back bone reinforced with liquids and he bowed effortlessly in respect and awe.  The slave also folded his arms clutched his chest securely lest the steely looks of the master should pierce his heart and bring him to ruin.


The cognitive processes is not an exclusive domain of the human brain, it is of the whole body. Embodied cognition.  In this context one needs to understand the nuances involved in the non verbal communication for which the hands of the master and the slave and the role they play in confidence and submission play.


Hands do communicate in animated gesticulation and even in a static and stiff state. In a folded state the complexity of the communication needs to be keenly observed.  It is surely for the astute mind to get into this unknown terrain to decipher the communication process and messages that get transmitted from a simple folding of hands.

The fingers are the most sensitive portion of the arm and the hang limbo down the bottom of the arm while the upper  arm on the contrary is secured on to the shoulder and its further reinforced with muscles and sinews.  To secure them both is the elbow that acts like an hinge.  While the upper arm is the measure of strength the forearm merely hangs limbo in the weakest form and the elbow connects the strong to the weak and works as the channel of strength.





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