Thursday, April 15, 2010

Shash Tharoor Creates Solvable Crisis

We all think he is a fantastic orator.  When I told my friend that 'he is just a good orator'  he took offense.  Afterall its easy to like him, speak well, looks good, dresses well and well educated, fantastically packaged post modern project after perhaps Rahul Gandhi and Sachin Pilot. 

I like him too, and I had the opportunity to see him and listen to him in close quarters last month in a twitter meet up.  I agree that he is a good guy, afterall to give time to chat up with some guys is not what many politicians would do.

But what he said that day was very interesting.  He bragged without bragging.  He handled all tough questions with a brand new Gillette swoosh.

Do you really think a man like him will call Mr. Lalit Modi (commissioner IPL) and enquire about the Kochi Franchisee. These keralites have this knack of tying themselves into a knot thats another matter.  They just cant pull a large project through.  They are their worst enemies, you can say.  Leave that aside. Now look at what I think has happened.

Now our Prime Minister is in United States, selling India to Obama, and spending some time with his Pakistani counterpart and poses for some pictures for the dogs in the media to feed upon.  If the nuclear deal was a big sell out, look out there are others coming your way and you wont even know about it.  I believe there is a very creative connection between IPL - Tharoor - PM's US trip.  After all Tharoor is the MOS of State for external affairs,  so his mandate obviously is to keep the controversy happening so when the people and the opposition are busy handling some solvable controversies, the sleaze happens behind.

I like Percy Barnavik former Chairman of ABB, who is best known for advising corporates to create crisis that can be solved.

Mark my words, read my lips or whatever.  The opposition particularly the BJP and the CPM who along with those sensation driven TV channels are also playing ball.  The biggest losers are the ordinary people who have been made into the biggest suckers.  Who will talk about trivia, as Tharror says, and allow the politicians to handle the the major policies with no debate at all.

Incidentally I was watching Tharoor yesterday talking to NDTV.  He mentioned about the meeiting 17 African delegates, 3 Prime Ministers, 8 foreign trips in 1 month etc etc.  I think its the same thing that he had said in the Twitter meet up in Chennai last month.  No prizes for proving it.  But its worth checking out.

News X showed clips of Tharror with me hanging around, I hear.  Guys I placed myself in strategic position to be seen on camera thats all.  But someday I hope to use my devious mind to help out some Politician to make it Big.  That day I may not have the time to write a blog post and some ghost writer may be doing it. All that is written is mine so loose much by not reading it. He he ha ha.

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