Monday, April 26, 2010

Team and Family

The chairman of IPL was going to get his boot,  he was yet enjoying his cricket and could find his hands shake a bit during the speech, apart from this he kept his cool.  Now the charges are Lalit Modi favoured his relatives.  My take is that our society is so family oriented to why not?  Relatives do play a very important role in shaping our lives and hence when its pay back time you can expect the relatives not to be favoured.  Then why all this noise.  In politics and business relatives are favored and its all pervasive in our society and personally I feel it is good.

The nail biting moments for Modi has come to an end.  IPL has just got over, Chennai super Kings have taken the cherry.  Dhoni and his boys should be celebrating.  If I were to pick one defining moment its going to be difficult, it was team work.  Sanobar Sultana called me on a radio show, and I said the same thing,  we have a lot to learn on how to manage family pressures without letting down a team.  You dont see Dhoni's relatives anywhere around, we know he is from Jharkhand  what else do we know of him?  almost nothing.  Take Suresh Raina one of the best performers, what do you know about his family.  Almost nothing.

I remember the command given to Abraham (a biblical character) to let go of everything including his family.  I really do not want to believe that its a literal 'let go'  for that is easy, its the letting go with everything around is what is very difficult.  Iam sure that is what was expected of Abraham.

End of the day its a fair team play that wins, when you embrace the ones who really have no connections with you, not when u play family _ for that is a sheer human (animal) nature to be territorial and to protect owns own pack. 

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