Monday, May 17, 2010

Killer ideas that can kill you

He lamented " Benny. 6 years I have worked, tried new things and nothing has worked.  Iam in a soup now....neck deep in trouble and debts".. And he went on to say the reason was his ideas were not good enough.  So did I think all my life.  Dammit ..Whats wrong with my idea?  it gives you great ROI at 1/10th cost but why is it not working? Sometimes I got cynical about this whole thing.

My friend is still battling with himself to get a soooooper idea.  An idea that will give him loads of money.. that will turn around his life and clear all his debts and give him a lot respect in society.   Actually he had come to share with me his great killer of an idea to me.  How his product will help reduce costs for event management and make the system more efficient and transparent.  His basic premise was that everybody wants to save money and derive efficiency.  It does not work that way in India.  

I met this gentleman, who is a Chairman of a mid sized organization,  a man with a heart in the right place.  My friend gave me a simple brief about him "please dont kill a mosquito in front of him"   I got the message, this gentleman hates hurting any living thing.  He is good with people, takes all the personal issues into consideration before arriving at a decision.  No he is not concerned about cost efficiency, he is more concerned about the man or the doer of the job.. and cost come low down in the pecking order.  Its all about relationship and concern for fellow human being that drives him to do what he is doing, and he is pretty successful with what he is doing and is a happy man.

Now give this man a machine that will provide efficiency and help cut costs, he will chuck it in the bin.

On the other hand you have those crooked ones  who set up leaks and flaws in the system to make sure they benefit personally out of it.  Will this tribe like an efficient system? certainly not.

So if you are a  naive, middle station guy, who knows not the ground level realities and  you start working on an idea, you can be guaranteed that very same idea will kill you.  Actually such people must not come out with ideas, though they seem good.  I will call them simple and straight its better for them  to flog the tested methods and settle in life.  What do you think?

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