Friday, August 20, 2010

Riding the Big Tin Can

She had no clue as she birthed many children. Economic compulsions made her give her children away to the orphanage. The orphanage, trying to do a favour for the kids, gave them for adoption for a couple abroad. The joy of seeing her children were denied to the Mother. 30 long years she was in the dark. One day her daughter comes back. She was a mother too by now. She could afford her kids. She could afford her travel back to India to trace her Mother. Joyous home coming. Happy Family it was. Thus goes a rare, but wonderful story line. A true story if you want be believe.

But many parents have lost their children in the process. The talk show host, who hosted the program on TV, was caring and good. The cherry at the end was a surprise. She said that Remember, you are the center of the world. Everything revolves around you. Oh Yeah!!!! ???? I was taken aback. You are not one among the many, she went on to say.

Riding the Big Tin Can to reach places and teach you life . The Big Tin Can, the bus, can teach you big lessons at rapid pace. You are jam packed in the Tin Can like the flakes in the Kellog box. Who is in the centre?

If you have the middle thought you are gone. They will stamp you, push and shove you, jostle hou and shake you up. Thats a nice Tin Can experience. Lest you think you are the centre and demand your own space, you will be reviled and scorned and roughed up more. You are just you. Understand. One among the many. Understand. You are part of a complex network of humanbeings whom you depend on and who depend on you. You are not the centre. If you happen to want the 'being in the centre' expereince try the small tin can (a personal transport). Your little tin can will be pushed, shoved, shaken and jostled. Crash Boom and reality will hit you. You want you own road with no one around to push and shove. You dont exist then. Your existance comes from your interaction from others.

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