Friday, September 03, 2010

Brain Plasticity explained

Take a lump of clay, flatten it and try sketching your name on it.  Its easy isn’t it?  Now take a metal and try sketching your name… ummmm you are struggling.  Now try sketching you name on a piece of plastic…. Its neither easy nor difficult.  A sharp object, possible a pin will help you do that.

Brain Plasticity is like that.  Brain is not clay that it can change easily nor is it metal that it cannot change. IT’S PLASTIC.  It can change.  How can you change it? By attentional focus and consistent behaviour.

So you can change your brain.  You may be rigid but your brain isn’t.  Well its all the same but.  I have heard many people who have keep saying “I cannot change”.  This should read is I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE.  Biologically they can.

How can this change happen?  If brain had been like clay, changes could happen very soon.  Since its plastic it takes time.  How long?

Typically three weeks?  In three weeks you can get your brain to accommodate a new task or open itself to something new.  Three weeks is not sacrosanct … I just said 3 weeks just to drive home the point that its neither easy not hard.

So Brain is not a machine at all.  It adapts very well to the changing world around us by modifying its structures and neural mechanisms. It rewires itself in response to the new demands place on its by the external environment.

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