Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Cross and the Surgeons Blade

My friend, Emmanuel David, wanted me to write a Christmas story, and I warned him that it will not be the ones that can give goosebumps and make you feel good about yourself.  He said go ahead.  And from that moment I started getting preoccupied with it.  Surprisingly for me, things locked in pretty fast, 72 hrs later, I was sitting a getting ready to write.  It happened.  I liked the way the first cut came out, little bit of refinement there it was  and I shared it with him.

Now I need to 'refine' it further and get the conclusion done, tried doing it but somehow it was a little vague.  People want the whole solution shrink wrapped and home delivered these days, the joy of do-it-yourself is old fashioned.  We have no time.

Dr K M Cherian, says there is nothing called, there is no time.  People are just lazy and not committed to anything thats all.  You better sit up and listen to this world famous heart surgeon who also takes care for thousands of trees and animals personally.

And if Emmy permits, I would like to blog my Christmas story. Its called 'THE CROSS AND THE SURGEONS BLADE'
If you want to read it you can mail me at 

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