Thursday, January 20, 2011

Microphone god

seldom does on get this opportunity to talk about some interesting life andreligion stuff.. this was one of those days. since evening i have interacted with two interesting friends.. One with whom I had a long conversation on human relationships and the importance of purity within and the other was on the control systems and mans desire for power.

our talk often meanders around the religious systems the church in particular. the question that often resonates is that _ why cant people just be people? why are the religious leaders heaping guilt and constraints on the people rather than setting them free and helping them to live a life of abundance.

my friend who used to preach in a church, does it even now occasionally, says that he was not popular because he actually empowered them, and told them to go forth in peace. the sheep wants a Shepard.. people want to be guided and instructed.. they would rather want to live a life with some strictures and some rules. they would rather listen to some wafer thin sermons (arul baliah would call it paper thin christ) than listen to some intense truths that are likely to set them free. so really the religious people are those who do not embrace freedom, the like to thrive within a small perimeter. social structures and entertainment prevails over the truth.

these are the ones who deserve the microphone god. the wielders of the microphone are having a field day.. preaching and worshiping and swaying the masses..

truth really cannot be proclaimed by one man, proclaiming himself to be in the second position in the celestial hierarchy … he that has an ear let him hear.

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