Monday, April 11, 2011

The humor of an old owl

Karunanidhi (the CM of TamilNadu) is invited for a Christian meeting and is presented with a Bible.  He flips through it, and when his turn comes he enthralls the minority group by punning on the word JUSTICE.  He says that he is JUST MAN.  And then goes on to say that it so not because of the moral standards but because he comes from the Justice party... People go crazy at this wisdom.  My Dad used to tell this, to many people.  

Just yesterday,  10th April I saw a small clip of Karunanidhi on Televison.  He was apparently addressing the people involved in the Movie Industry. The govt has alloted some huge tract of land for them.  The association wanted to name the place - KALAIGAR NAGAR -  the old owl started punning on the word Nagar.  Nagar in Tamil has two meanings... it means  a small town or locality it also means move.  eeeeks... the guy sucks with his pun and so called language skills...

Plato hated Poets... at least of this sort need to be banished. 

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