Thursday, April 21, 2011

Understanding social media the simple way

Social Media stuff can be a little crazy.  Now its best that we have a simple view on what it a means through an act we are all familiar with  

  After seeing that Pani Poori guy in action after being bullied by natures call 

Just in case you saw the video and freaked out on it.. Don’t get too uptight the probability of it being fake is very high.  I remember seeing a video of a few school girls who wanted to make it in life.  They uploaded a video of themselves bashing up an innocent girl mercilessly.  And in this case the act was real… they were charged for manslaughter.  So what they became famous.

Here is a simple way to understand social media... 


LinkedIn = I pee well.

Twitter = I need to pee.

Facebook = I peed!

Foursquare = I’m peeing here.

Quora = Why am I peeing? (Via EffBee)

MySpace = listen to me pee.

StumbleUpon = I just found a great place to pee

Flickr = look at my pee through the years.

YouTube = Tell people their pee is fake.

Orkut : Can we have friendship over pee


Source : Gracelyns blog Link


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