Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The middle order

Again cricket, this is quite an obsession. Let the game go on on one side Iam fascinated by the lessons we get from this game.  When the top order fires the middle order gets into the shell and its vice versa too.  Yesterday for CSK both Hussey and Vijay left early, the pressure seemed to be intense.  But the calm faces of the Team owner, Gurunath Meiyappan and the Captain - MSD did not look so worried.

They know if the top order were to #fail the middle order will take up the burden and fire.  Building a strong middle order is surely important. Lets say it the second line.  Quite performers who are keenly equipping themselves with skills and should their be an opportunity to rise up to the occasion they grab it an perform valiantly.  Ideal scenario for any organization.  

In an organization all pressure and challenges are handled by the top people, sometimes they let this percolate down and most of the time they keep it to themselves.  In other words they insulate the second level from 'unnecessary pressure' so that their day to day performance is not affected.  Unless the middle level people are exposed to challenges they will not become strong.  Surely the weak ones will crumble but the good ones will emerge. 

Only Challenges can strengthen a man 

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