Monday, June 06, 2011

Charles Samuel

The first time I met Charles Samuel (year 2006), he came across as a normal guy needing a lot of care and help. It was during a trip that we all made, as employees of Performa, that changed my perspective about him. He was one of the organizers, nay he was actually given the work that no one else would take. Yet he was so happy, proud and was buzzing all over the place.

The place we went to was Avalanche, awesome place.  It was fantastic during the day and chill in the nights.  So while most of them went to sleep after a lot of singing and food just two of us decided to rough it out in the cold around the fireside.  We sat on the floor and covered ourselves with a nice thick blanket and found comfort in it.  Just then this little guy- Charles landed up.  He reprimanded us, a little gently, for messing up with the blanket and wanted us to go to the room and sleep.  We ignored him.  Then after a while came the thunderbolt.  He was angry and this time he sent  someone over, who conveyed the message that Charles was really angry.  Quietly we went to the room. 

This was what caught my attention.  This little lamb who was pushed around and humbled in the office became a lion when it came to work.  My interest on this guy took a new turn.  We became good friends.  We shared our personal lives without any reservation.  His challenges became mine and mine became his.

Eventually he got a job at SCB that gave him stability.  Every time he called me or pinged me he had something good to say about his progress in his work place.  

He gets married, and I could not make it because of my work (well thats another story)

When i saw the few pictures in Facebook I was pretty amazed.  You have come a long way my friend.  But remember as a couple you need to be able to willingly take up challenges, forswear a life of comfort and be committed to the poor and needy.  Thats what will please the one who blessed and blesses  you with everything.


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